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Teemify For Healthcare Providers

Witness a complete Digital transformation in Healthcare Services With Teemify

We provide you with the latest technologies, methodologies, and processes to deliver sustainable value to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations.

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Bring it together to make it all better

Digital transformation in healthcare provides plenty of benefits for both patients as well as healthcare institutes & organizations. Digital Transformation in Healthcare can substantially improve the ability of healthcare professionals, institutions, and organizations to provide better treatment to patients and help them live healthier and longer lives.

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Why Teemify?

Patient Portals: Bringing together all data to create a thorough patient profile

We provide online platforms that allow health providers to access patient health records, schedule appointments, chat with doctors, and so on. One of the primary reasons why patient portals are a trend is because it promotes transparency and convenience.

  • Embracing and employing advanced technologies and innovative approaches to maximize benefits.
  • Data Aggregation: Nowadays, healthcare institutions & organizations need to aggregate massive amounts of data coming in from a wide range of source such as Patient-provided data, Lab results, Pharmacy data, Internal & external electronic health records (EHR)etc
  • We provide Data Aggregation that can help hospitals make quick & insightful patient-care decisions without having to worry about missing important patient data. It goes a long way in helping to improve patient care and lower costs.

AI Screening: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Technology through AI Screening with Teemify:

  • We help hospital staff to discover which patient needs care first and guides the patient to the appropriate channels.
  • We use AI-based chatbots and voice systems to screen patients in order to reduce the load on hospital staff. For example, AI Screening could help to direct patients to the appointment scheduling line, the laboratory, or the pharmacy.
  • AI screening can reduce the waiting time of the patients drastically and can thus take some burden off of the hospital staff.

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