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Teemify For B2B (Business To Business)

Paving the Way to Success with Teemify

Digital leaders in B2B achieve 5 times the success compared to their non-digitised peers. But so far, only one in three companies has deployed digital solutions at scale.

Business To Business

Outgrow your peers and create sustainable value from digitization through Teemify

Here’s what it takes for industrial companies to outgrow their peers and create sustainable value from digitization at scale.

  • We modernize core commercial processes, such as sales and pricing, with data and analytics to improve performance
  • We help to redesign the customer journey, to make the procurement of industrial supplies, for example, as convenient as shopping on Amazon
  • We help you disrupt the channel to expand the margin pool, for example, by establishing a direct web presence and route-to-market to access new customer segments
  • We build tomorrow’s unicorns to secure growth beyond the core business or defend against digital attackers
Business To Consumers

Why Teemify?

Social selling rather than cold calling

Your customers are already online so why not meet them where they currently are rather than them having to find you? We help you to get notified about customer visits and their journey process and reach out to them and build a relationship with them resulting in customer loyalty.

  • Teemify helps you to following a digital marketing strategy rather than only offline marketing activities – such as running email marketing campaigns, blogging regularly to promote your business as a thought leader and ensuring your content ranks highly on search results
  • We provide personalised recommendations – tailor product and service recommendations based on what you already know about your customers. This AI-driven approach is a great way to up and cross-sell and please your customers with your intuitiveness
  • Special treatment for returning customers – everyone loves being treated like a VIP and if a brand can make you feel special, you’re more likely to remember them. This is another example of AI in action – Teemify helps you to greet returning customers by their first name or offer them exclusive deals based on their previous purchases
  • Multichannel customer support – not all customers will want to speak on the phone. Some may want to reach out to you via live chat or social media, for example. So, provide a variety of choices and let customers contact you via the method of their choosing through Teemify services.

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